About Us

Naturl Wax, A New Way To Body Care.

We are a Wellington-based company created in 2017 to change the world of hair removal with natural products focused on appreciation and wellness. Natural Wax was founded, understanding hair removal as an act of hygiene and beauty. Therefore, we offer products made with organic materials of the highest quality.

Since our company foundation, we have thought about the benefits we can offer to professionals and users. As a result, we decide to create products using natural components processed in a fair and balanced way to correct the skin. Our products hydrate the skin due to their natural ingredients; they can be applied to all skin types and parts of the body, even the most sensitive parts.

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Our Mission

To offer our distinguished clientele a variety of natural waxes that are not only used for hair removal on any part of the body but also the care of all types of skin, making them look hydrated and healthy.